The equipment available within our SIM Centre can cause injury if used incorrectly, please make yourself aware of our health and safety guidelines when using the rigs so we can avoid injury. It is also the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that children also follow these guidelines and follow all instructions from SIM Centre staff.


Using the Rigs:
The equipment in use here can produce high amounts of torque, which can cause injury if the equipment is used incorrectly.
Do not grab, hold, or insert fingers and/or objects into the rotating parts in a way where letting go immediately is not always possible.
Ensure hair or loose clothing is tied up or away from rotating parts.
Some wheelbases contain magnets that may interfere with pacemakers or other medical devices.
Motion rigs may cause discomfort for certain individuals with conditions such as but not limited to, spinal injury, neck injuries etc.
Children under the age of 10 are not permitted on the rigs.
Equipment may contain flashing lights.


When another user is using VR, stay clear to avoid injury.
When using VR stay within the play zone and be aware of those around you.
VR can be very intense for first-time users, If you know that you suffer from motion sickness VR is not recommended.


Behaviour and Attitude:
SIM Demon reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises if they are deemed to be acting inappropriately or violently towards SIM Centre Staff or other visitors. In this situation we will not be liable for any refunds or compensation.
Any anti-social or aggressive behaviour towards SIM Centre staff or other visitors will not be tolerated and you may be removed from the venue. Please keep any inappropriate language under control.

Please treat our equipment with the same respect you would expect someone to treat your own equipment. If you are found to have deliberately damaged equipment, we will ask you to pay for repairs.