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About Sim Centre UK

From taking off and flying high into the sky at Mach 1 with all controls at your disposal, to racing on the ground against your friends or just fighting your way up the grid against the computer’s AI, at Sim Centre UK we can offer you to chance to experience it all!

Prices start from £25 for a solo 30-minute session or £40 for a 30-minute session for two, although we recommend an hour per session to fully get the best experience. You can book your slot via our online booking system and gift vouchers are also available – ideal for birthday and Christmas presents!

With a relaxed environment, a comfy sofa, multispeaker sound system and a Retro Arcade machine, we are ideal for parties and team building. Free tea and coffee are available alongside a well-stocked fridge full of snacks and cold drinks which are available to purchase – all with helpful, friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Located just inside the beautiful Exmoor National Park Sim Centre UK are in easy reach of Tarr Steps and the Exmoor Pony Centre, and just a stone’s throw away from the Exmoor Distillery, so why not combine your visit to us and experience all the beauty that Exmoor has to offer.

Our Centre is a fantastic way to try before you buy if you are thinking of investing in your own system or to see if VR and computer simulation is for you. Our experienced staff can talk you through all aspects of what would be required for your own setup. We also share the same passion for simulation racing and flying as you do or soon will after your first visit!

You can find us in all the usual places including all the Social Media channels and Tripadvisor so please don’t forget to share your pictures and please leave us a review of your experience.

Jump in the driver’s seats and book today!


As realistic as it can get.

Sim Centre UK offers motion simulators combined with VR and software that allows us to accurately simulate flying and driving. All our motion rigs are powered by high-end gaming PC systems that deliver accurate graphics which will have you in the hot seat! The motion system then delivers every bump, skip and skid with accelerating and braking g-force.

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State of the Art Rigs & Hardware.

We have four gaming setups here at the Centre; A PROSIMU 3M, 5M and two STR GTR1’s. Both GTR1 rigs are linked with Simucube direct-drive wheelbases and PROSIMU Actuators for full motion and are coupled with STR steering wheels and pedals. Our PROSIMU 5M is generally set up for flying and is linked to Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog controls and pedals. Our 3M is the most compact in our setup and is currently connected to Thrustmaster Pedals and Steering unit.

All of our systems are available with both monitors and VR headsets for your personal choice.

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