From humble beginnings ...

Our SIM Centre’s humble beginnings in the countryside near Exmoor saw us grow from five working rigs to the current two-floor setup with over ten rigs featuring products from the main manufacturers in the business.

Our goal has always been to offer a broader range of products to a wider customer base, and our new location just outside Tiverton, Devon has made this a reality.

Conveniently located minutes away from the M5, 30 minutes from Taunton, and 35 minutes from Exeter. For further information visit our Find Us page below.

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Have you enjoyed you time on our rigs? If so how about having your own setup right in your own home!

Imagine discovering your dream setup during your visit to our SIM Centre – fantastic news! At SIM Demon, we offer nearly all the products showcased in our centre, providing our customers with an ideal opportunity to thoroughly explore and test. It’s a unique experience, allowing you to interact with simulation products firsthand, gain invaluable hands-on experience, and enquire about our stocked items.

Now, here’s the great part – if you find yourself with your idea product(s) you’ve been trying during the demo and simulation sessions, and it leads to a purchase, we’ll gladly refund the demo cost towards your selected products. It’s our way of ensuring your satisfaction and making your journey with us even more rewarding!

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and our SIM Social Community.

We’ve established our own vibrant Discord community and are connected with all the popular social media platforms, ensuring you stay effortlessly updated with all the latest information, news, and announcements.

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For more details on each Flight & Race Rig that we currently have installed.

At our SIM Centre, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of simulators designed to cater to every preference and level of excitement. Among our impressive lineup, you’ll find both motion-based and static simulators, each meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience for both aircraft and car fans.


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READY to FLY, DRIVE or both?

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